Want to control your anger?

Anger is the most common thing that most of us keep fighting with. Anger may be a result of argument, bad mood, helplessness, intolerance, among many others. The reasons that lead us to anger clearly define our anger. Its the situations that make us helpless and its the helplessness within that drives anger. So, the anger is not because someone/ some situation has done something to us, its all about ‘us repeatedly recalling our incapability in not acting against something that resulted in anger’, be it good or bad. Its not actually the situation, its the response to the situation coming from within, that is making you angry, blaming you for your helpless state. This inner element that is instigating anger is  ‘Ego’. So, based on the above argument, we can come to a consensus that ‘we get anger when our ego is hurt’. So, to satisfy our ego we are bursting out at something/someone. Then, who is facing the consequence? Our Ego? No, its we who will be facing the consequence. So, to be simple, we are being used by our ego. 

Think! You have no role to play, but you are facing the consequence for satisfying something else. 

Ignore your ego to overcome anger. Following ways can help you out :

  • Calm down for a while

  • Have some water

  • Leave the place for a while

  • Start counting numbers within

  • Divert your mind onto something else

  • Then, empty your mind completely

  • Inhale and Exhale for three times, concentrating on the breathe

  • Now, you feel some freshness around you!

  • Congrats! You  controlled your anger