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The Ultimate Truth- Understanding Illusion

The earlier discussion ended with Research Scientist(RS)’s question to Guru’s explanation on Paramaatma & Jeevaatma, and this question makes the current discussion that will try to answer ‘How? Why? & What has to be Realized?’

Here it goes…

RS: The thin line that is separating Me, the Jeevaatma, from the Supreme Paramaatma stuck my mind. After listening to the entire functioning, I wonder what could be that thin line that is making a big difference. I feel some ‘incompleteness’ in understanding.

Guru: Yes, that’s because of ‘illusion’.

RS: Why illusion and what’s that?

Guru: In a single word, it’s called Maya. But if you want to realise, it’s a big thing. In fact, something that is inside and out.  

In the entire process, assuming you to be present in every case is called illusion.

RS: How is that? Please explain in detail.

Guru: Obviously, you cannot assume of being something that is not actually you. If done, that will be called an imagination or illusion. Surprisingly, you will face results in real time, which could be happy or sad or frustrated or much bigger, overall, positive or negative. Finally, you will have lost track of what you are supposed to do and the resultant is you are in ‘illusion/Maaya.

Assumption, results in real-time: For example, while watching a movie, you exhibit different emotions to different scenes. You’re responding accordingly taking it as your personal feeling even though you are not at all part of that screen. You are just imagining, but reaction is taking place in real time. Why is that happening? Because, you are carrying emotions from something that is neither you nor related to you.

Losing track of actual task: Best example for this could be an internet search page with lot of hyperlinks that lead to different pages. While searching for something in that page, the user comes across various related links. Clicking on one of the sub-links opens another page, which will again have various hyperlinks. This is an iterative process. In the entire process, there is a chance of user losing track of his actual task by looking at various other related/irrelated things.

This way, assumption can put you in an emotional state that is not related to you or side-line you from your actual ask.

Same is the case of human body. You tend to feel that every aspect of functionality within and outside the body as something that is related to you. Eventually, you end up bearing the results of things you assumed as ours by reacting to them. This happens only if you don’t realise who you are. (Refer to second round of discussion on Self).

Mind is thinking, ears are hearing, and all other body parts are performing their roles, and each of them have a name and respective functioning. Body parts are working among themselves in collaboration, solely because of Paramaatma.

As you land in such a situation, you start thinking yourself as the body and assume all the bodily activities and related attachments as yours, which can be relations, among others. Finally, you end up in this web of organs-associated relations thus, losing a complete track of the fact that you are Jeevaatma and what your purpose is reach.

This is the thin line that made your understanding incomplete. So, you should always be conscious about what you are and then what are you for, in absence of which, you are controlled by Maaya/Illusion.

You should always be conscious that it’s the body & associated parts that are doing their tasks and you are just a witness. You are neither related to it nor part of it/expecting its results.

Here is where the real challenge lies. Do you think the attachments you had with this body before realisation will leave you? Not at all.

During the process, you have to be very careful that supressing thoughts/emotions will give you bad results at times when you, by mistake, surrender to them. Rather than fighting or supressing them, you should realise that they are doing their tasks perfectly (thinking, hearing, talking, etc) and in fact, keep questioning self as to ‘what my job is?’

Maintaining such status forever is the challenge one has to achieve through practice.

RS: That’s pretty clear. But, I doubt a continuous witnessing of these bodily actions would side line me at some point, as I got used to it over the years. If at all that happens, all my efforts go futile and I will have to fight back to identify self. To be open, this is the question that is haunting me after thinking to realise.

How can I overcome this forever? That too when I/Jeevaatma have nothing to do with this bodily attachments and materialistic things around, then, “What is my focus point? Where do I belong to? Why am I here in this body? What is the purpose of my existence? and What is my target?”

                                                  *Will be answered in the following version*