My Answer To A Company

Why Should We Give You the Expected 100% Hike?

In a single-liner, I would refer to ‘confidence, commitment, sincerity and whole-heartedness qualities of mine as the strong building blocks for my argument regarding a ‘100% salary hike expectation’. In detail, I would like to give this argument a different touch.

Here it goes…My passion towards learning and implementation form the basis of my aforementioned qualities. I find roots for these qualities in my life journey. Be it enjoying the experience of unknowingly being creative since childhood to facing the open world today, always learning something new, my life journey taught and is still teaching me how to face or tackle situations. In that process, I came across situations and people who instigated my thought process, which is a never-ending updating process. Finally, I stand in a position to listen, learn, think, analyze and experience the situations and knowledge. As a part of this journey, I tend to find and implement creativity and freshness/newness in everything I do.

In every journey, there are two cases: Either we find something or something appears before us naturally, and that’s how your company appeared in my way, paving way for my meet with people like you.

This need not be a long story, but yes, I had to tell you all this to make you aware of my thinking process and style of approach towards things/situations/work, which might help you in deciding further on my profile and requirements.

Besides holding a real-time employment experience with print and online media houses in dealing with various content types, I could also give additional form to my creativity by being involved in creative works, such as blogging, lyrics, singing, story writing, photography, philosophy, among others, which all define my diverse abilities in dealing with subject of any type, with passion for learning and implementation in place.

With all these skills in place, my employment profile could earn some recognition and market value in the industry, helping me project my current market offering, which, in fact, is also one of the strong pillars supporting my argument.