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Cloning, a yugas-old concept!

While cloning of a mammal was new for many until it was first implemented in 1980s in case of sheep, human cloning has been a long debate. Possibility of it has proofs in ancient India, as written per the epic ‘Mahabharata’. In Mahabharata, queen Gandhari of Gandhara Kingdom had 100 sons called ‘Kauravas’. In fact, she did not directly give birth to all 100 sons. Embryo from her body was split into 100 parts and each part is fertilized in kunds (container), which in turn, resulting in 100 kauravas. In current day medicine, test-tube baby is also conceived the same way outside woman’s body, where egg (embryo) is fertilized outside in a laboratory dish and then implanted back into woman’s uterus.