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Deciding between Right and Wrong

The common challenge everyone faces is when it comes to deciding on something, in terms of right and wrong. In a general psychological perspective, something that works in favor of us appears right and something that doesn’t seem favoring is termed as wrong and not-suitable. This is the basic tendency in which we involve in while deciding on something. But, I don’t think that’s the correct way of dealing with it. You are wrong if you think that its only you who is acting in the aforementioned manner, while deciding on right and wrong. Because, its the ego that is playing on the decision and pushing you to go with the same. To the fact, the actual reality lies beneath, which is usually called ‘inner conscious’ or ‘conscience’. This is what that can guide you with the correct answer.

Might seem something philosophical or beyond reality, but, yes that’s the truth. You can’t come to a conclusion just by reading this article. If you want to realize the truth, then listen to your inner sense called conscience, while deciding on something. Of course, your ego may stop you from doing that, but try your level best. Something inside, is trying to guide you. Observe and listen to it once, you will feel the actual truth and reality.

Who is satisfying whom?

Ego is the cause of most problems. Hope you agree with me! In fact, this is the inner feeling that makes us act according to it, thus dumping us in unnecessary consequences. We keep coming across the word ‘ego’, but did ever think of asking self: What exactly the ‘ego’ is? Why is it present? What it does? What does it want to do with you? Why is it acting on you? What is that its gaining from you? What is that you are getting from it? If you have ever asked self,  then you would definitely be fighting with your ego! This article has answers!

Here it goes…’Me’ and ‘Mine’ are two important words that define what an ego is and these are the sources from which, ego originates. We use these words on a regular basis to exhibit/protect/prove our existence. But, did you ever notice that you are also feeding an emotion called ‘ego’ by proud utterance of these words, which in fact, are putting you in troublesome mental activity.

‘Me’ is to define self, then ‘mine’ speaks about ‘qualities/preferences of me’. When you say preferences, that means you are interested in something and you wish to have it. What if you don’t get that you want? You get pissed off/depressed/mood-off. Then, what will you do? You try ways to get it. That means, you are indirectly about to face some consequences (good/bad) that come in your way towards getting what you wanted. Good consequences let you achieve what you want and bad ones may stop, resulting either in happiness (if you achieve)/struggle (if you’re unable to).

So, here is where you should have think about twice. If its happiness, your are happy inside and you move on. What if you fail? Does your inner sense allows you to ignore and move on? I bet, not at all! Its going to push you to go for it, (note this) even if you don’t want to after realization. Ultimately, its none other than you who will be facing the consequences.

So, to put it simple, your so-called ego is ‘using you’ to get satisfied. If you make it happy, that’s fine, if not, you cant be peaceful until you satisfy it, irrespective of the consequences you would face! So, who is controlling whom? What is that you are achieving by satisfying your ego? Think! The solution is simple, “Don’t go by your ego, instead, try to identify what is good and what’s not, for which, you will have to ask your ‘heart/inner conscious’.

It works, but, not that easy. Try out!