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Why should women wear toe rings?

Indian women usually wear toe rings on the second toe. A vital nerve that’s present at this point is connected to heart via uterus. Wearing toe rings results in continuous massaging effect and keeps activating this nerve, and maintains the health of uterus by regulating blood flow to it, along with easing blood flow during menstruation period.

Tilak, sandal paste and Vibuthi?

The space between two eyebrows (Bhrumadhya) is a key nerve point of the human body and it’s the place where ‘Ajna Chakra’ lies. Applying kumkum/tilak results in activation of nerve and points at Bhrumadhya and also facilitates blood circulation to facial and other associated muscles. Master gland, pituitary gland, which controls biochemical processes of the human body, is also located at this point. Applying kumkum also activates this gland, boosting internal functionalities and release of required hormones. Sandal paste nullifies the heating effect and ensures cooling, boosting concentration levels; Vibuthi activates spiritual thoughts.

Not just dung!

“Cow dung can absorb all the three rays: Alpha, Beta and Gamma,” say research studies. While alpha and beta rays fail after some level of penetration, gamma rays can penetrate deep into the human body and damage the vital tissues and organs. Gamma rays are the ones emitted out of nuclear reaction. Scientists suggest a thick layering of cow dung can block such harmful rays. Besides, plastering of houses for cooling even in summer (as seen in rural India), as a fertilizer for healthy and increased crop yield, are among many other medicinal and scientific applications of cow dung.