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Deciding between Right and Wrong

The common challenge everyone faces is when it comes to deciding on something, in terms of right and wrong. In a general psychological perspective, something that works in favor of us appears right and something that doesn’t seem favoring is termed as wrong and not-suitable. This is the basic tendency in which we involve in while deciding on something. But, I don’t think that’s the correct way of dealing with it. You are wrong if you think that its only you who is acting in the aforementioned manner, while deciding on right and wrong. Because, its the ego that is playing on the decision and pushing you to go with the same. To the fact, the actual reality lies beneath, which is usually called ‘inner conscious’ or ‘conscience’. This is what that can guide you with the correct answer.

Might seem something philosophical or beyond reality, but, yes that’s the truth. You can’t come to a conclusion just by reading this article. If you want to realize the truth, then listen to your inner sense called conscience, while deciding on something. Of course, your ego may stop you from doing that, but try your level best. Something inside, is trying to guide you. Observe and listen to it once, you will feel the actual truth and reality.

Overcoming ‘Instability in Thoughts’

Fluctuating/Instability of  thoughts is the process that involves random thoughts taking over your thinking process. Multiple thoughts keep coming up in mind, avoiding you from confining to one particular thought and make a needed decision.

Instability/fluctuation in thoughts is the basic problem for many. In the today’s busy life style, having a standard thought process is not that easy, as we involve in ‘n’ number of tasks, from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night. This continuous process of instability in thoughts results in lack of focus/concentration, loss of memory, frustration, headache out of overthinking, among others. Here is where people find ways, such as Yoga, meditation, among other well-known methods, to get away with thought fluctuation and remain focused.

This article helps you identify solution in the problem itself. Here is one more simple process through which help you overcome the problem of thought fluctuation and boost your focus.

Here it goes….Fluctuation resulting in loss of stability in thoughts, resulting in continuous diversion, restraining us from taking required decision. As the thoughts’ origin and destination are moving randomly, try filling your required thought in every other random thought your mind is generating. With this, all your random thoughts are filled with a single subject, i.e, your required subject, which you filled in everywhere. So, then overall thoughts might be in numbers, but the point/subject of focus will be one. So, finally you could stably think on one single subject that you wanted, thus overcoming instability.

Hence Proved!