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Soft drinks, all just in around 2 hrs!

After consumption: In first 10 minutes of, high amount of sugar enters the system. In next 20 mins, blood sugar rises high, liver responds and turns the excess sugar into fat, causing insulin resistance. In the next 40 minutes, BP rises high and liver starts pushing further sugar into bloodstream, specific receptors in brain get blocked and prevents drowsiness (same as in heroin). In next 45 mins, pleasure centers of brain are stimulated. In next 60 mins, metabolism rate increases, coupled with sugars, results in urinary excretion of calcium. In next 60 mins, we will feel like peeing and now, we have evacuated existing calcium, magnesium and zinc. Now that internal enthusiasm is down, we will feel tired. Resultant, bone weakness, tooth decaying, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and underlying effects of cancers.