Hey Fellow Human Beings!! What for??

It’s surprising to listen humans claiming to be the supreme beings in the entire universe. Our confidence, extended to the level of over-confidence, has been proving this since centuries!!


There still are many innumerable limitations that humans are fighting to win, and will continue to do so. Leave the innumerable levels, humans fail to have even the noble qualities that many other beings possess in this universe.

Do we realize the fact that we are not the only beings around surviving ??

Do we ever realize fully that we are not the only ones who make up this nature, which is actually composed of innumerable beings of all sizes??

Do we ever realize that there are many other beings around us (and some invisible) with better noble qualities than us??

Do we ever realize considering that there are other beings below and above us in some or the other forms with their own unique qualities??

Do we realize that we are surviving under the pity of many such beings that directly/indirectly contribute to our survival?


Not at all! Many of us have always assumed, ignored, sidelined, underestimated, and more, claiming self as the sole builders of this universe and almighty nature!!


What for our pride, agony, prestige, and other similar forms of dominance that limits the intellect within from coming out to explore the ultimate reality??

Hey, Fellow Human Beings! Lack of knowledge is the cause of misery… Knowledge is not what you claim, its that you keep learning, its that should ideally help you stay in the truth and the ultimate reality!!

WAKE UP!! To know the facts that wake you up from inside-out and shatter the clouds of ignorance for ever!!

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