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Being ‘special’ vs adjusting with ‘ordinary’

Here we see two cases of thinking: One thinks that everyone ‘has right to be special’, the other feels its ‘ok to be ordinary’. While the first case strongly recommends being special, the other suggests adjusting with ordinary is also fine.

Thinking, according to me, depends on the situation we are into, people around us, society we are living in and pre-recorded thoughts those have or have been having control over one’s mind.

Irrespective of all other factors, the main thing that impacts mind is the situation.

In basic sense, based on situation, one usually decides whether to be an introvert or an extrovert. If the situation is more easing and people around us are comfortable enough to listen to we say, then we might think of speaking freely, if not no. If we find enough space to speak freely and express feelings openly, we tend to express what exactly is in our mind. And, if it’s more comfortable, then we will unintentionally express our individual attitude. Then comes out the real attitude, which would resultantly allow the opposite person to decide what we are.

Being Special:

If a person finds us similar to what he/she has seen before many times, then reaction would be ‘usual’.  If something in us is found new/interesting from what the person has seen before/ hasn’t see in the past ever, then obviously we would seem ‘different’ and if more connected, we might also seem ‘special’.

So, yes, everyone has the right to be special. But it’s the situation, people around us and one’s individual attitude, that will decide whether a person is usual or special, as human tends to behave according to those factors. Needless to say, individual attitude can make a person special to everyone irrespective of basic mind set, situation he/she is in.

Whatever, special people are always special, if they are true to their attitude. No right implies to them. If they are to themselves, they are special wherever they live in or whatever situation they are into.

It’s ok being ordinary:

Second part of the case is thinking ‘it’s ok to be ordinary’. This kind of mentality can be seen in two different perspectives. One way it can be termed as ‘adjusting mentality’ and the other case can be being ‘simple and humble’.

Adjusting again leads us to situation, which was discussed in the first case of ‘being special’. If a person is an introvert and not willing to face risk, then he/she will try to adjust to the situation. Then they feel ‘no point in taking unnecessary risk/headache just to be called ‘special’. Instead they will feel comfortable enough in being called ‘ordinary’/ feel themselves ‘its ok to be ordinary’.

Another angle is of being ‘simple and humble’. This kind of mentality can be defined basically by nature/ individual attitude-again the term we came across in the first case. Irrespective of what others feel about them, what situation they are in, they will be true to their nature and follow their basic nature of being ‘simple and humble’ and finds no difficulty in telling self -‘its ok to be ordinary’ or being called ordinary by others.


Of all in both the cases, being special or ordinary depends on an individual. If an individual attitude cares of being special/being called special, he/she will make according moves to be special and to be called special by others. Whereas, who cares less of individuality and intends to move on irrespective of being special, takes no risk for just the word-‘special’.  Will find their happiness in being called ‘ordinary’ or thinks self as ‘its ok to be ordinary’.

Past, Present, Future

Anything in this Universe will have to go through these phases of time, for living beings in specific. Past has impact on present, which in turn impacts future.
Past might be past, but its present in mind to make impact on present and will also be present even in your future. Everything thing becomes an immediate past and every past will be a door for the next present.
Present is what we are in. Every fraction of your presence makes your present and your presence itself means you are present in your present. But, there is a key clause- physical or mental presence, that defines once presence in present. Every present hides a past within before taking a carry-forward.
Past + Present=Future. Past has impact on present, which will ultimately decide future. Every future is followed by past and every future contains both present and past.

So, every point of time is equally important and is to be properly utilized, as every point contains and leads to the three-present, past and future. So, one need to be careful in doing things as they surround the one who does the work and who ultimately will be the victim.
However, it is noteworthy that life is a pre-recorded cassette. Everything happens as it is and is supposed to happen. However, one may think that ‘things depend on what and how we do them’, but what comes into mind before doing something itself is ‘Life’: J


YOUTH AND POLITICS- A basic version

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I believe in the Young Mind that can change the course of a nation, I believe in the young mind that has the source of emotion, it’s their notion that can create the revolution, its only their course of action that can set the dimension of a nation.

The above lines clearly depict the role of youth in defining the power of nation. It can be seen in the developed countries like India where the major percentage of the population is Youth. With the changing minds of the public in electing the leaders, Politics is also finding new trends to cope with the changing political environments.
Accordingly, the political competitors are becoming busy in making their own strategies in order to grab the attention of the voters. All are making their own ways to crack the vote banks.
In this competitive environment, in the process of making different political strategies, in order to win the elections the political competitors are ruthlessly playing with the minds of the innocent public. The very first category of the public who are easily getting into this political trap is none other than the most responsible people of the country i.e. youth. It is the young generations (both educated and uneducated), who are violently being carried away by the emotions. The tactful politicians are using the young minds for their own benefits in order to create unnecessary fear, alarm and sense of doom among the public and create distress in the society, thereby filling the vote banks by manipulating the minds of the public. In this process political strategists are making different plans and the youth are being used for many of their purposes.
In order to draw the attention of the public, the first thing politicians do is – rallies and agitations against the ruling parties/ governments. For this, they need activists/agitators who do not care for their own lives and are willing to earn more money.
Among these, few will work just for earning money, few for building their career in the concerned parties. Apart from the above two categories, there is another category of people who care less for life and more for activism and power i.e., Youth. The politicians are finding better and better ways in using the young blood and their activism for their political survival and growth. As a process of this, especially the students are selected from colleges and are (care) fully motivated to execute their plans. In this course of emotion, the agitating students with an anxiety to actively participate in the social activities, will lose control on their minds and come to a state of mind where they cannot analyze the issue at that point of time. This makes them completely bound to the situation and at that point of time they will not be able to think of the consequences of what they are doing. This gradually increases with the support of politicians which makes them go completely astray and they lose the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. If the situation becomes more violent and rampant,
The police will come into the picture and the situation completely turns to be violent and the innocent students will have to bear the result of police action. At this level of situation, many students completely lose their self-control and being unable to control their emotions, even commit suicide.
There are incidents where students were used at a higher level in order to gain the caste votes, to create disturbances in the college hostels.
All these activities finally result in the misleading/ diversion of students from their academics thereby spoiling their careers by getting them into police records.
The political parties are at safe zone. Even the names of the political parties who are responsible for all these disturbances won’t come out. It is only the youth who are going to bear the brunt of the consequences.
One thing is clear that the power of Youth and their sense of activism are being wrongly used by the politicians at both Central and State levels in order to grab the political power. The emotional level and enthusiasm in youngsters are very high, which, with the lack of proper knowledge about do’s and don’ts will be lost in unproductive works which not only harm themselves, their people and a nation as a whole, but leads to the destruction of mankind!!
Therefore, students should think wisely and be very careful in making decisions regarding social and political movements, without just being drawn by wild emotions and should be aware of the political traps. They should also be aware of the consequences of their activities.
The present education system is taking away the reasoning, thinking capabilities in youth by over loading them with more and more stuff thereby making them deaf and dumb towards reality. But this pressure is being accepted as a necessary part of life, as it may seem to be so, although it is not true in reality!
Emerging as a good man if not as a great personality despite humongous pressures and wrong motivations and misleading inspirations is the real challenge of life and not gaining power or money through wrong means!!! Building a career by harming others can be considered only as mean and selfish and can never be praiseworthy.
So, Arise!! Awake!! Oh the greatest powers of mankind! Realize your duties and responsibilities towards society!! Moreover, my dear brothers and sisters, never make yourselves responsible for mankind to become extinct!!! The alarm of destruction has already started ringing! Awake before the destruction begins!! Recognize your powers and use it in the best possible way for the welfare of everyone without getting into unnecessary emotions and become wise enough to save yourself from deadly political traps; become wise enough that you never get cheated by anyone but instead, light up many lives with happiness and peace!!

Published in Inner Voice of Bharat, Volume-1 Issue:2, in October 2013