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Hey Fellow Human Beings!! What for??

It’s surprising to listen humans claiming to be the supreme beings in the entire universe. Our confidence, extended to the level of over-confidence, has been proving this since centuries!!


There still are many innumerable limitations that humans are fighting to win, and will continue to do so. Leave the innumerable levels, humans fail to have even the noble qualities that many other beings possess in this universe.

Do we realize the fact that we are not the only beings around surviving ??

Do we ever realize fully that we are not the only ones who make up this nature, which is actually composed of innumerable beings of all sizes??

Do we ever realize that there are many other beings around us (and some invisible) with better noble qualities than us??

Do we ever realize considering that there are other beings below and above us in some or the other forms with their own unique qualities??

Do we realize that we are surviving under the pity of many such beings that directly/indirectly contribute to our survival?


Not at all! Many of us have always assumed, ignored, sidelined, underestimated, and more, claiming self as the sole builders of this universe and almighty nature!!


What for our pride, agony, prestige, and other similar forms of dominance that limits the intellect within from coming out to explore the ultimate reality??

Hey, Fellow Human Beings! Lack of knowledge is the cause of misery… Knowledge is not what you claim, its that you keep learning, its that should ideally help you stay in the truth and the ultimate reality!!

WAKE UP!! To know the facts that wake you up from inside-out and shatter the clouds of ignorance for ever!!

#MWorldSpeaks #MWorld

7 Ways You Can Tease Your Loved Ones

  • Imitate her actions, the way she smiles, cries, nods head while listening and hands while speaking, etc. 😁

  • Keep staring at her eyes with a sensitive smile while she speaks ☺

  •  Pretend like ignoring her words in conversation 😑

  • Praise her for every small thing. Caution! Too much is too bad 🤩

  • Make little delays when she calls you for a meet. Careful! Too much and too many can turn adverse 😐

  • Play subtle jokes. Remember! She could be sensitive😉

  • Act saying, “Ya, sometimes,” when she asks you if u think of her all the time 🤔

Careful! You are dealing with a relation!

Things To Remember In Life

  • Expectation causes misery

  • Good or bad, Change is common

  • Stability in thought

  • Feelings are just reactions to inputs around

  • Money might be yours, resources are of society

  • Life is permanent, living is temporary

  • Focus on self, power lies within

  • Even naked eye can deceive

  • You are not the body, you’re just renting it

  • Understand form to realise formless

  • Thoughts have impact, think +ve

  • You change, what you do doesn’t

Deciding between Right and Wrong

The common challenge everyone faces is when it comes to deciding on something, in terms of right and wrong. In a general psychological perspective, something that works in favor of us appears right and something that doesn’t seem favoring is termed as wrong and not-suitable. This is the basic tendency in which we involve in while deciding on something. But, I don’t think that’s the correct way of dealing with it. You are wrong if you think that its only you who is acting in the aforementioned manner, while deciding on right and wrong. Because, its the ego that is playing on the decision and pushing you to go with the same. To the fact, the actual reality lies beneath, which is usually called ‘inner conscious’ or ‘conscience’. This is what that can guide you with the correct answer.

Might seem something philosophical or beyond reality, but, yes that’s the truth. You can’t come to a conclusion just by reading this article. If you want to realize the truth, then listen to your inner sense called conscience, while deciding on something. Of course, your ego may stop you from doing that, but try your level best. Something inside, is trying to guide you. Observe and listen to it once, you will feel the actual truth and reality.

Living without Expectations!

We keep coming across people disappointed with some thing that did not happen as they wished. Its most common that people expect things to plan a better life, calling it ‘planning’. But, did you ever think of the other side of ‘expectation’ ? If not, this article might interest you, where, it says ‘Expectation is the Cause of Grief’. Not being negative. Yes, its true, and you would feel the fact once you read this article.

Here it goes…Expectation is wishing something to happen the way we think about it or expect it to be. Some call it planning. But, in fact, planning is entirely different from expectation. Planning things is okay to streamline the processes, but, if coupled with expectation, the end-result might disappoint you. Here, is where one should have to identify a thin line between the planning and expectation.

Planning involves scheduling things, but are you ‘very sure’ about ‘future happening’? In such case, if you had expected it to happen as you thought, then you would end up in grief, as it did not happen as you wished, which is attributed to ‘uncertainty’ over future. Its might be ‘you’ who planned it, but you can’t assure the future of anything. You might be confident in your expectation, but the result need not happen according to your expectation. So, focus only on the task (result is incorporated in it already) and not the result of it. Various factors decide the future(its a different topic).

So, ‘plan and start execution without thinking about the result,’ as the holy Bhagavadgita says.

My Answer To A Company

Why Should We Give You the Expected 100% Hike?

In a single-liner, I would refer to ‘confidence, commitment, sincerity and whole-heartedness qualities of mine as the strong building blocks for my argument regarding a ‘100% salary hike expectation’. In detail, I would like to give this argument a different touch.

Here it goes…My passion towards learning and implementation form the basis of my aforementioned qualities. I find roots for these qualities in my life journey. Be it enjoying the experience of unknowingly being creative since childhood to facing the open world today, always learning something new, my life journey taught and is still teaching me how to face or tackle situations. In that process, I came across situations and people who instigated my thought process, which is a never-ending updating process. Finally, I stand in a position to listen, learn, think, analyze and experience the situations and knowledge. As a part of this journey, I tend to find and implement creativity and freshness/newness in everything I do.

In every journey, there are two cases: Either we find something or something appears before us naturally, and that’s how your company appeared in my way, paving way for my meet with people like you.

This need not be a long story, but yes, I had to tell you all this to make you aware of my thinking process and style of approach towards things/situations/work, which might help you in deciding further on my profile and requirements.

Besides holding a real-time employment experience with print and online media houses in dealing with various content types, I could also give additional form to my creativity by being involved in creative works, such as blogging, lyrics, singing, story writing, photography, philosophy, among others, which all define my diverse abilities in dealing with subject of any type, with passion for learning and implementation in place.

With all these skills in place, my employment profile could earn some recognition and market value in the industry, helping me project my current market offering, which, in fact, is also one of the strong pillars supporting my argument.



Who is satisfying whom?

Ego is the cause of most problems. Hope you agree with me! In fact, this is the inner feeling that makes us act according to it, thus dumping us in unnecessary consequences. We keep coming across the word ‘ego’, but did ever think of asking self: What exactly the ‘ego’ is? Why is it present? What it does? What does it want to do with you? Why is it acting on you? What is that its gaining from you? What is that you are getting from it? If you have ever asked self,  then you would definitely be fighting with your ego! This article has answers!

Here it goes…’Me’ and ‘Mine’ are two important words that define what an ego is and these are the sources from which, ego originates. We use these words on a regular basis to exhibit/protect/prove our existence. But, did you ever notice that you are also feeding an emotion called ‘ego’ by proud utterance of these words, which in fact, are putting you in troublesome mental activity.

‘Me’ is to define self, then ‘mine’ speaks about ‘qualities/preferences of me’. When you say preferences, that means you are interested in something and you wish to have it. What if you don’t get that you want? You get pissed off/depressed/mood-off. Then, what will you do? You try ways to get it. That means, you are indirectly about to face some consequences (good/bad) that come in your way towards getting what you wanted. Good consequences let you achieve what you want and bad ones may stop, resulting either in happiness (if you achieve)/struggle (if you’re unable to).

So, here is where you should have think about twice. If its happiness, your are happy inside and you move on. What if you fail? Does your inner sense allows you to ignore and move on? I bet, not at all! Its going to push you to go for it, (note this) even if you don’t want to after realization. Ultimately, its none other than you who will be facing the consequences.

So, to put it simple, your so-called ego is ‘using you’ to get satisfied. If you make it happy, that’s fine, if not, you cant be peaceful until you satisfy it, irrespective of the consequences you would face! So, who is controlling whom? What is that you are achieving by satisfying your ego? Think! The solution is simple, “Don’t go by your ego, instead, try to identify what is good and what’s not, for which, you will have to ask your ‘heart/inner conscious’.

It works, but, not that easy. Try out!

Overcoming ‘Instability in Thoughts’

Fluctuating/Instability of  thoughts is the process that involves random thoughts taking over your thinking process. Multiple thoughts keep coming up in mind, avoiding you from confining to one particular thought and make a needed decision.

Instability/fluctuation in thoughts is the basic problem for many. In the today’s busy life style, having a standard thought process is not that easy, as we involve in ‘n’ number of tasks, from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night. This continuous process of instability in thoughts results in lack of focus/concentration, loss of memory, frustration, headache out of overthinking, among others. Here is where people find ways, such as Yoga, meditation, among other well-known methods, to get away with thought fluctuation and remain focused.

This article helps you identify solution in the problem itself. Here is one more simple process through which help you overcome the problem of thought fluctuation and boost your focus.

Here it goes….Fluctuation resulting in loss of stability in thoughts, resulting in continuous diversion, restraining us from taking required decision. As the thoughts’ origin and destination are moving randomly, try filling your required thought in every other random thought your mind is generating. With this, all your random thoughts are filled with a single subject, i.e, your required subject, which you filled in everywhere. So, then overall thoughts might be in numbers, but the point/subject of focus will be one. So, finally you could stably think on one single subject that you wanted, thus overcoming instability.

Hence Proved!

Want to control your anger?

Anger is the most common thing that most of us keep fighting with. Anger may be a result of argument, bad mood, helplessness, intolerance, among many others. The reasons that lead us to anger clearly define our anger. Its the situations that make us helpless and its the helplessness within that drives anger. So, the anger is not because someone/ some situation has done something to us, its all about ‘us repeatedly recalling our incapability in not acting against something that resulted in anger’, be it good or bad. Its not actually the situation, its the response to the situation coming from within, that is making you angry, blaming you for your helpless state. This inner element that is instigating anger is  ‘Ego’. So, based on the above argument, we can come to a consensus that ‘we get anger when our ego is hurt’. So, to satisfy our ego we are bursting out at something/someone. Then, who is facing the consequence? Our Ego? No, its we who will be facing the consequence. So, to be simple, we are being used by our ego. 

Think! You have no role to play, but you are facing the consequence for satisfying something else. 

Ignore your ego to overcome anger. Following ways can help you out :

  • Calm down for a while

  • Have some water

  • Leave the place for a while

  • Start counting numbers within

  • Divert your mind onto something else

  • Then, empty your mind completely

  • Inhale and Exhale for three times, concentrating on the breathe

  • Now, you feel some freshness around you!

  • Congrats! You  controlled your anger

Have time to introspect?

Yes, it’s the question one will have to ask self at one point of time.

My answer to this question lies in knowing the true definition of World, which I prefer to categorize into two as ‘Inner’ and ‘Outer’.

World might be the one in general sense. But for any being, especially the human, world is of two kinds, in observatory sense.

While the outer world is seen, the inner world remains hidden, but holds ability to have control over the outer one.

Let’s go deep….

Outer World Vs. Inner world:

There is no smoke without fire. There is no consequence without a situation. There is no end without a start. On a macro to micro view, there exists bond between every two entities in this universe. So, is the case with human being, with respect to the world we are in (Outer World) and the world in us (Inner World).

Outer World means the one that is present around any individual. Entities in this world keep on dragging our attention towards them.

We see, listen, and react, only because we have them on the other side. This is enough to say that there is something called destination that is sourcing us and holding our behaviour.

However, it depends on the source whether to get subjected to any change from the other side or not.

When something in destination is dragging, then there must be something that would be dragging, on the source side.

Here comes the ‘Inner World’.

When there is something to react, we do react. But it’s important to note that it’s the inner mechanism (Inner World) that results in one’s action.

All our senses work in communication with the brain and there exists ‘no’ me or you while organs are functioning in coordination with the brain. Ears hear, eyes see, hands & legs move, mouth speaks, and likewise, everything happens in coordination with brain.

Brain might receive, think and assign back tasks to each of the organs, but, what to do and what not do at the end is left to real ‘you’, the ‘you’ inside (Inner World) and not the ‘you’ visible outside (Outer World).

So, I reiterate that there exists two Worlds-Outer and Inner. While the outer world draws attention, the inner world holds control on the other side.

So, on the whole, it’s very clear that two different worlds are playing with each other, with senses acting as bridges to pass on reactions from one to the other, what are you here? Nothing! Just a structure made of bones and meat.

When we are nothing, for what purpose we should have to fall prey to ego(internal or external) and distractions that take away our focus from self-analysis is a real question, everyone has to ask at one point of time.