Deciding between Right and Wrong

The common challenge everyone faces is when it comes to deciding on something, in terms of right and wrong. In a general psychological perspective, something that works in favor of us appears right and something that doesn’t seem favoring is termed as wrong and not-suitable. This is the basic tendency in which we involve in while deciding on something. But, I don’t think that’s the correct way of dealing with it. You are wrong if you think that its only you who is acting in the aforementioned manner, while deciding on right and wrong. Because, its the ego that is playing on the decision and pushing you to go with the same. To the fact, the actual reality lies beneath, which is usually called ‘inner conscious’ or ‘conscience’. This is what that can guide you with the correct answer.

Might seem something philosophical or beyond reality, but, yes that’s the truth. You can’t come to a conclusion just by reading this article. If you want to realize the truth, then listen to your inner sense called conscience, while deciding on something. Of course, your ego may stop you from doing that, but try your level best. Something inside, is trying to guide you. Observe and listen to it once, you will feel the actual truth and reality.

Living without Expectations!

We keep coming across people disappointed with some thing that did not happen as they wished. Its most common that people expect things to plan a better life, calling it ‘planning’. But, did you ever think of the other side of ‘expectation’ ? If not, this article might interest you, where, it says ‘Expectation is the Cause of Grief’. Not being negative. Yes, its true, and you would feel the fact once you read this article.

Here it goes…Expectation is wishing something to happen the way we think about it or expect it to be. Some call it planning. But, in fact, planning is entirely different from expectation. Planning things is okay to streamline the processes, but, if coupled with expectation, the end-result might disappoint you. Here, is where one should have to identify a thin line between the planning and expectation.

Planning involves scheduling things, but are you ‘very sure’ about ‘future happening’? In such case, if you had expected it to happen as you thought, then you would end up in grief, as it did not happen as you wished, which is attributed to ‘uncertainty’ over future. Its might be ‘you’ who planned it, but you can’t assure the future of anything. You might be confident in your expectation, but the result need not happen according to your expectation. So, focus only on the task (result is incorporated in it already) and not the result of it. Various factors decide the future(its a different topic).

So, ‘plan and start execution without thinking about the result,’ as the holy Bhagavadgita says.

My Answer To A Company

Why Should We Give You the Expected 100% Hike?

In a single-liner, I would refer to ‘confidence, commitment, sincerity and whole-heartedness qualities of mine as the strong building blocks for my argument regarding a ‘100% salary hike expectation’. In detail, I would like to give this argument a different touch.

Here it goes…My passion towards learning and implementation form the basis of my aforementioned qualities. I find roots for these qualities in my life journey. Be it enjoying the experience of unknowingly being creative since childhood to facing the open world today, always learning something new, my life journey taught and is still teaching me how to face or tackle situations. In that process, I came across situations and people who instigated my thought process, which is a never-ending updating process. Finally, I stand in a position to listen, learn, think, analyze and experience the situations and knowledge. As a part of this journey, I tend to find and implement creativity and freshness/newness in everything I do.

In every journey, there are two cases: Either we find something or something appears before us naturally, and that’s how your company appeared in my way, paving way for my meet with people like you.

This need not be a long story, but yes, I had to tell you all this to make you aware of my thinking process and style of approach towards things/situations/work, which might help you in deciding further on my profile and requirements.

Besides holding a real-time employment experience with print and online media houses in dealing with various content types, I could also give additional form to my creativity by being involved in creative works, such as blogging, lyrics, singing, story writing, photography, philosophy, among others, which all define my diverse abilities in dealing with subject of any type, with passion for learning and implementation in place.

With all these skills in place, my employment profile could earn some recognition and market value in the industry, helping me project my current market offering, which, in fact, is also one of the strong pillars supporting my argument.



Sun-Earth Distance explained long back

“Yug Sahasra Yojana Par Bhanu, Leelyo Taahi Madhura Phal Jaanu” is the sloka that clearly explains the difference between Sun and Earth. That sloka of Hanuman Chalisa says, “Lord Hanuman has travelled thousand of kilometers towards Sun to swallow, thinking that to be a fruit.” “One ‘Yug’ is equal to 12,000 years, ‘Sahasra’ is 1,000, Yuga Sahasra is 12000 multiplied by 1000 and one Yojana is 8 miles. As per the aforementioned sloka, “Lord Hanuman travelled Yug Sahasra Yojana= 12,000*1000*8 = 96000000 miles, i.e, 154497024 kms to reach Sun,” which measures the distance between Sun and Earth.

Cloning, a yugas-old concept!

While cloning of a mammal was new for many until it was first implemented in 1980s in case of sheep, human cloning has been a long debate. Possibility of it has proofs in ancient India, as written per the epic ‘Mahabharata’. In Mahabharata, queen Gandhari of Gandhara Kingdom had 100 sons called ‘Kauravas’. In fact, she did not directly give birth to all 100 sons. Embryo from her body was split into 100 parts and each part is fertilized in kunds (container), which in turn, resulting in 100 kauravas. In current day medicine, test-tube baby is also conceived the same way outside woman’s body, where egg (embryo) is fertilized outside in a laboratory dish and then implanted back into woman’s uterus.

Plants do have emotions!

Be it secreting defensive chemicals after to terrifying sounds of a caterpillar munching on a leaf, feeling pain and understanding affection, responding to melodious music and harsh noise, plants do respond to external stimuli/actions. There are many proven instances, where, plants treated with affection grew fast and healthy, compared to the ones subjected to negative feelings/words, which were said to have fallen ill. Even, non-living beings like metals are also said to emit response to external stimuli. The reason behind this stimuli as proved by scientists like J.C. Bose that plants, as living matters, do have human-like nervous systems with cell membranes that respond to external actions. The science has its origin in Indian philosophy, according to which, every being (living and non-living) has life in it and there is only a single source of energy (Brahman/Atman) that is driving every being in this universe.

Is meditating observing breathe?

We see many defining meditation as the process of observing/concentrating breathe. According to experts in the related field, concentrating on air flow may, in fact, lead to negative effects most of the times, as air, apart from good, also contains other particulate matter, which might be harmful. So, concentrating on negative things might result in negative. Instead, the real method would be concentrating on ‘atman’. Again a hurdle, as ‘atman’/Prana inside, which is not visible/can’t be felt, immediately upon closing eyes. So, we will need a medium, which is ‘Japa’, a meditative repetition of name/some mantra (suggested by guru) or just the supreme sound, ‘Aum’, which is a matrix of all sounds. Meditating on the same takes you into deep Trans, where you feel the inner ‘atman’.

Seeds in kitchen, instant relief and many more!

A glass of butter milk with two table spoons of fenugreek seeds (Menthulu) can control diarrhea immediately. Apart from this, these seeds are proven to be hepatoprotective (prevent damage to liver), diaphoretic (promoting sweat in cold conditions), expectorant (medicine that gives cough relief), galactagogue (boost breast milk flow), stimulant (stimulating immune system and removing toxins from the body), among others. Clove offers relief from tension/anxiety, removes fatigue-related thoughts, among others. There are many benefits of many seeds you find in your kitchen.

Soft drinks, all just in around 2 hrs!

After consumption: In first 10 minutes of, high amount of sugar enters the system. In next 20 mins, blood sugar rises high, liver responds and turns the excess sugar into fat, causing insulin resistance. In the next 40 minutes, BP rises high and liver starts pushing further sugar into bloodstream, specific receptors in brain get blocked and prevents drowsiness (same as in heroin). In next 45 mins, pleasure centers of brain are stimulated. In next 60 mins, metabolism rate increases, coupled with sugars, results in urinary excretion of calcium. In next 60 mins, we will feel like peeing and now, we have evacuated existing calcium, magnesium and zinc. Now that internal enthusiasm is down, we will feel tired. Resultant, bone weakness, tooth decaying, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and underlying effects of cancers.

Natural weight loss with water

In fact, water doesn’t have any magical strength of burning fat. Then, how does the body weight gets reduced by drinking water? The water, upon consumption, boosts metabolism rate and cleans body of waste and controls appetite. By not retaining the water, it helps reduce water-weight in the body. With all this place, weight is controlled!