Have time to introspect?

Yes, it’s the question one will have to ask self at one point of time.

My answer to this question lies in knowing the true definition of World, which I prefer to categorize into two as ‘Inner’ and ‘Outer’.

World might be the one in general sense. But for any being, especially the human, world is of two kinds, in observatory sense.

While the outer world is seen, the inner world remains hidden, but holds ability to have control over the outer one.

Let’s go deep….

Outer World Vs. Inner world:

There is no smoke without fire. There is no consequence without a situation. There is no end without a start. On a macro to micro view, there exists bond between every two entities in this universe. So, is the case with human being, with respect to the world we are in (Outer World) and the world in us (Inner World).

Outer World means the one that is present around any individual. Entities in this world keep on dragging our attention towards them.

We see, listen, and react, only because we have them on the other side. This is enough to say that there is something called destination that is sourcing us and holding our behaviour.

However, it depends on the source whether to get subjected to any change from the other side or not.

When something in destination is dragging, then there must be something that would be dragging, on the source side.

Here comes the ‘Inner World’.

When there is something to react, we do react. But it’s important to note that it’s the inner mechanism (Inner World) that results in one’s action.

All our senses work in communication with the brain and there exists ‘no’ me or you while organs are functioning in coordination with the brain. Ears hear, eyes see, hands & legs move, mouth speaks, and likewise, everything happens in coordination with brain.

Brain might receive, think and assign back tasks to each of the organs, but, what to do and what not do at the end is left to real ‘you’, the ‘you’ inside (Inner World) and not the ‘you’ visible outside (Outer World).

So, I reiterate that there exists two Worlds-Outer and Inner. While the outer world draws attention, the inner world holds control on the other side.

So, on the whole, it’s very clear that two different worlds are playing with each other, with senses acting as bridges to pass on reactions from one to the other, what are you here? Nothing! Just a structure made of bones and meat.

When we are nothing, for what purpose we should have to fall prey to ego(internal or external) and distractions that take away our focus from self-analysis is a real question, everyone has to ask at one point of time.